I.T. Infrastructure Design Services
Whether connecting components within a single space or an entire building, a region – or around the world – the technology infrastructure with all the countless copper and fiber-optic cabling is the essential building block for all communications and technology systems within a facility. We are specialized infrastructure engineering experts with broad capabilities, experienced in the most sophisticated communications technology and infrastructure existing today. Our designs include many diverse technologies based on vendor neutral materials.

All of our infrastructure designers have earned the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification. This requirement assures our clients that our designers are knowledgeable on the latest advances in infrastructure technologies and design requirements.

Additionally, our RCDD’s are trained in many other areas of specialty cabling to support particular wireless, visual, security, control and other technologies on the data communications network. This allows economies to be realized by designing cables in common pathways, for installation by common installers.
Focus Areas:
  • Infrastructure Design and Facilities Planning
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Assessment and Review
  • Wireless Feasibility and Planning Study
  • Development of Construction Documents, Specifications, and Requests for Proposal
  • Objective Equipment Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Construction Management
  • System Verification and Final Acceptance
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control

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I.T. Infrastructure Manager
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